What’s Next: Fan*Alley’s Artist Lodge


Hi Everyone,

As I leave WonderCon 2016 behind, my upcoming event for this April is fan*alley’s 1st “Artist Lodge”. It is like a mini convention wherein local artists and makers can exhibit and sell their works in a more intimate space in contrast to a large scale venue. This gives locals a chance to get to know more about their local artists and makers in a personal way.

This event will be held monthly, and will be hosted by fan*alley. This first “Artist Lodge” will be held on April 23 at The Odd Fellows Lodge from 10am to 6pm. 

I will be making new original paintings to add to my art inventory for the event. Hopefully, it will be done in time by the then. 

I will be exhibiting in the main floor at the venue. For further inquiries and/or details on the event, check out fan*alley’s website (www.shopfanalley.com), or follow them on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram.

Hope to see you all there!🤗💖

– Paola