WonderCon 2015

Dear viewers,

The past few months have truly been a busy time for me especially with my pregnancy. Though I was pregnant, I still had time to focus on creating new content for WonderCon and onwards. Since I knew I was going to be full term at the time of the event, I was lucky enough to have my booth partner, Annathalia, to take over my side of the booth as well in case that I wouldn’t be able to attend the event.

As it turns out, my little bundle of joy decided that he wanted to come out on the opening day of WonderCon. My contractions started happening around 3 a.m. Thus, my husband and I spent the day in the hospital to welcome our beautiful baby boy.

Though I wasn’t there at the event, I am grateful to the people that stopped by our booth, and supported my art. For that, I thank you all!

For those who were unable to check out my prints that are for sale, these are available in my store. Just click the link: Art of PAO’s Store

Motherhood has definitely become my top priority, but that doesn’t mean that I will stop creating art. I will be at the OC Night Market this coming May 9th, which is located at the OC Fairgrounds, to promote and sell my artworks. There will be new character designs added to “The Dress Up Corner” series.

I hope that you guys will continue to follow and support my art. I promise that there will be more artworks to come throughout this year.

– Paola

Setting up the booth a day before WonderCon.

Setting up the booth a day before WonderCon.

My side of Annathalia and I's booth in Artists' Alley at WonderCon.

My side of Annathalia and I’s booth in Artists’ Alley at WonderCon.